Toto Blaauw is a contemporary artist and designer based in Amsterdam.
Born in 1991 to an Indonesian mother and Dutch father, he always has been prolific with drawing growing up.
Later, when he studied at the Willem de Kooning Academy, he developed this gift and the skills to express his ideas to a broader audience. Although he dropped out of school before graduation, he made sure to build his portfolio before he left. From this point he took a more radical approach and started designing posters for the Amsterdam club scene and selling his own silkscreen to persevere. The last few years his work has received more recognition with art shows in Amsterdam, London, Tokyo and Kyoto.
His work comes from a place where love, responsibility and cultural background play an important role.
You can find references from pop art, surrealism, various cultures, music and his spiritual beliefs.
Humor is used to give balance to the harsh realities of this world and vibrant colors to convey emotion.
Duality can be found in his characters, symbols and his use of language.


2023 Hello New World
Pre-Reserved, Amsterdam (NL)
Solo Exhibition

2022 Fall down 7 times, Get up 8
TRUNK (Hotel), Tokyo (JP)
Solo Exhibition

2022 Cosmic Call
COCO Gallery, Kyoto (JP)
Solo Exhibition

2022 Peace God
Westerpark, Amsterdam (NL)
Art installation in public space

2019 Trust Your Own Eyes
Soho House, Amsterdam (NL)
Solo Exhibition

2019 Bumbu
Hotel Jakarta, Amsterdam (NL)
Group Exhibition

2017 Cloud Level
Quartier Putain, Amsterdam (NL)
Solo Exhibition

2016 Future Late
Tate Modern, London (UK)
Group Exhibition

2015 Hypnosis
Libertine Gallery, Amsterdam (NL)
Solo Exhibition

2015 North Sea Jazz
Ahoy, Rotterdam (NL)
Group Exhibition


Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam

Selected Clients:

ADP Shibuya
Soho House
Eye Filmmuseum
Red Bull Music
North Sea Jazz
Bombay Sapphire
Amsterdam Dance Event

Selected Press:

i-D magazine
L’officiel Hommes

It’s Nice That

Tate Modern